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Rhonda with a group of girls who completed one of her Leadership Academies.

“She is dedicated to helping the students in juvenile detention school recognize their potential to be leaders!”
Darlene Thompson
Yavapai Co. (AZ)  Juvenile Detention School

When you book a presentation with Rhonda, you get a lively, interactive, G-rated experience running up to two hours (but subject to your needs).

Just supply your students – in assemblies of up to 3,000 – and Rhonda will take it from there, giving your students a tailor-made learning experience.

Students may be any age - yes,  ANY age.  Rhonda can work with kids in elementary school up through middle and high school.
Depending on the age group to which she’s speaking, Rhonda may use Powerpoint slides or video to reinforce the points she’s making.

The basic theme is how to avoid being the victim of bullying. Within that subject, Rhonda hits several topics:

• How to get unstuck from being a victim, using our Triangle of Triumph as a guide;

• The Five C’s of Leadership: Civility, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, and strong Carriage;

• How to “Define Yourself Before Others Do.”

When handouts are appropriate, we supply them as part of the package.

How much does it cost?
How about free? We can do that, so your best bet is to shoot us an email or call Rhonda at (928) 515-9996.

We don’t charge for travel, no matter how far, within the state of Arizona.

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