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Rhonda works with some of the 800 high schoolers who attended the 2016 Prescott Teen Maze event.

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Rhonda Orr, author, host of the “Stop Bullying and Start Leading” podcast and one-half of the duo behind the weekly advice column “Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri” is speaking to students around Arizona this school year!

Now you can bring her high-energy, motivational presentation to your school!

Rhonda’s speeches are tailored to the age group she’s addressing and can be specifically modified to meet the needs of any audience.

Caring and empathetic, she never talks down to kids, but treats them
as the future leaders they can become.

She can comfortably address a classroom full of third-graders or an auditorium of rowdy high schoolers, holding their attention and teaching them the values and behaviors they need to make society great!

Rhonda, who is president and founder of the non-profit Rhonda’s STOP BULLYING Foundation, based in Prescott, illustrates her message with the Triangle of Triumph, which reminds audiences of the progression from victim to survivor to leader. She introduces vital concepts such as the Five C’s of great leadership, and explains how everyone can be a leader.

Students leave Rhonda’s presentations with real-world, actionable advice and they go home feeling empowered and more confident in their abilities. 

“Rhonda is a phenomenal speaker!
She truly empowers our youth, makes this world a much more beautiful place.”
-Dian Tucker, Arizona’s Hometown Radio Group