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Dr. Cheri

Chad Carr

Currently an officer with the Yavapai College Police Department, James Tobin began his law enforcement career in 1996 with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, before joining the Prescott Valley Police Department. 

Tobin was named Prescott Valley PD's “Deputy/Officer of the Year” three times (2004, 2008 and 2010) and has been named a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) Yavapai County “DUI Officer of the Year” four times.  In 2009, Tobin was named the MATFORCE – Yavapai County Substance Abuse Task Force “Community Member of the Year.”  In 2011, Tobin received the “Community Leadership Award” from the Northwest Alcohol Conference (Boise, Idaho) In 2012, Tobin received the “Mickey Sadoff - President’s Award” from the National Office of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) in Washington, D.C.  

Since 2013 Tobin has served as the Chairman of the Yavapai County Coordinated Community Response Team/Domestic Violence Task Force. In 2015 the PVPD Family Violence Unit received the 2015 Arizona Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award for Leadership, in recognition for outstanding contributions and tireless efforts on behalf of crime victims.

 James Tobin, Treasurer

Cele Hancock, Judge, Yavapai Co. Superior Court

Rhonda Orr was a life coach before life coaching was cool. She’s also been a child advocate for thirty years.

As an advocate and life coach, she and Dr. Cheri L. McDonald, a crime-victim therapist in the Los Angeles area, began writing “Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri…” advice columns which appear in the Prescott Daily Courier, the Arizona Republic, and on their websites.

Having taught child actors and their parents how to navigate the challenging world of show business, Rhonda noticed the increase of bullying due to the advent of social media.

She founded a non-profit called STOP Child Abuse Theatrical Organization and Productions decades ago in Los Angeles, where she produced stage plays to benefit child advocacy charities, such as Children of the Night and KidsPeace.

After a 25-year corporate career in the cut-throat cosmetics industry, where she gave hundreds of presentations, produced instructional videos, and learned first-hand what workplace bullying looks like, she decided to apply those skills to shows children how to grow by defining themselves.

Rhonda teaches groups of children how to avoid being a victim and choosing not to stay a victim of bullying – and addresses those who may be bullies themselves – in her Leadership Academies with guest speakers from the community.

She also teaches similar classes at the Yavapai County Juvenile Detention School, where she talks with troubled teens, giving them the tools they’ll need to turn their lives around when they are released.

Rhonda is finishing up two books: “Define Yourself Before Others Do,” a workbook to guide readers along the Triangle of Triumph, which illustrates the journey from victim to survivor to leader; and an autobiography titled “The Winslow Effect.”

Officers & Board Members

Rex Mason

Rhonda Orr, President & Founder

Advisory Board Members

Kelly Moshier

Scott Orr, Vice-President

Lucy Mason, Secretary

Lauren Anderson

Our People

Kelly Moshier is a wife, mother, business owner, and community leader. Kelly and her husband Monty are co-founders of Makstride manufacturing, and   Makstride prosthetics. While Kelly is proud of the businesses she and her husband Monty have built, her greatest accomplishment and passion will always be the role of being a mother, teacher, cheerleader and nurturer to their eight children.

Kelly is an advocate for families, a strong defender of children and believes in empowering girls and women to reach their divine potential. Kelly homeschools her children and loves encouraging them to be leaders and a light to others in their community

Rex E. Mason is an attorney and a retired architect.  He was the architect of record for more than 300 projects in six states during his career.  His firm, R. E. Mason & Associates, was published and most well-known for its healthcare practice, the planning and design of hospitals and associated facilities. At the height of Mr. Mason’s architectural career, he earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston.  Mr. Mason joined the Texas Bar in 1993, and remains a member in good standing.  In 2012, he again took the bar exam and was sworn into the Arizona bar in January 2013.

From late 2011 until January 2014, Mr. Mason was employed by the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office. He subsequently prosecuted in the Prescott, Mayer, Yarnell, and Bagdad Justice Courts.

Since leaving the County Attorney’s office, Mr. Mason has been a prosecutor with the Yavapai-Apache Nation in Camp Verde.  In addition to charging, prosecution and trial of adults, he has been involved in juvenile rehabilitation and adult drug court.

Mr. Mason has been married to Lucy Mason for 30 years.  They have four children and five grandchildren. 


Celè is a second-generation Yavapai County Superior Court judge, having followed in the footsteps of her father.

A native of Prescott, Celè, has been on the bench in Division 5 since December 2010.

Hancock is a graduate of Prescott High School, and an alumna of the University of Arizona, where she did both undergraduate work and earned her law degree. She later spent time as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and spent 3-1/2 years a special agent for the FBI out of Los Angeles.

Chad works in the Los Angeles-area film industry. He attended the Utah Valley University, where he was a film student.

Chad served a mission for his church in Argentina, and has a long track record of service, including having served as Teacher’s Aide for Special Needs students in high school and working in same capacity in Santa Barbara School District.

Chad has been a teacher at many children’s camps and acting camps. He’s a musician, published author, and was a child actor.

Lauren is CEO of Lauren Anderson Associates, Inc., a communications, training, and people development firm that focuses on soft and hard people development skills. 
LAAI’s many years of experience in understanding and discovery of consumer relations, behaviors and motivations make them tops in their field today. 
They specialize in Creation, Design, Development and Delivery of live and E-Learning Educational Programs, Tools, Workshops, National Meetings and much more.

Lucy  is a widely acknowledged and recognized public servant. During her eight years in the Arizona House of Representatives, Lucy served four years as chair of the Energy and Water Committee.

In her business career, Lucy was a technical illustrator for NASA and Lockheed Martin on space missions and solar-powered satellite development. For 25 years thereafter she was an architectural illustrator for commercial and industrial projects across the nation, an advertising director for a large corporation, a founder and owner of two small businesses, and founded a successful community 501c3 on Gang Prevention.

In her over 18-year political career, Lucy earned broad recognition in the national and western regional energy, water, and agriculture policy community for her participation and earned many legislative awards and recognitions for her work.

Scott is an Emmy-award winning television news producer with nearly three decades of experience in all facets of TV production. He's currently a reporter for The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona.  Scott has also worked as a Public Affairs Officer for the Civil Air Patrol, the US Air Force Auxiliary. While working in the C.A.P., he also had the opportunity to mentor numerous teens in the Cadet program.

Back in the 1980's, he attended the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Scott enjoys competitive bass fishing in his spare time.

Cheri Lyn McDonald, PhD., received her Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University in 1983. She continued her education at California Lutheran University where she obtained her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1987; then finished her formal education in 2007 with a  Doctorate Degree in Philosophy and Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University.

Her abilities and talents have created a reputation of helping her clients meet their expectations of healing, as well as, learn the tools to meet her individual requirements for continued health and life long growth. As a Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Dr. Cheri’s specialty is working from a family systems perspective, as she explores the issue at hand by the family unit, whether working with a single individual, various family members, or, the whole family.

She's the author of the book, "Whisperings from Within."

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